ShatterBox, Inc. and its affiliates (collectively, “ShatterBox”) thank you for submitting potential projects, ideas, or inventions (collectively, “Submission”) for our consideration. As you’re likely aware, ShatterBox is continuously working on new products and improvements to existing products, and it is possible that ShatterBox’s existing developments may be similar to your Submission. Therefore, in order to avoid possible confusion and prevent misunderstandings as to the origin of a Submission, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms as consideration for ShatterBox receiving your Submission. 

  1. You expressly represent that:
  2. you have the sole right to disclose the Submission to ShatterBox and are not bound by any confidentiality agreement or other restriction on your right to disclose the Submission to ShatterBox;
  3. your Submission does not include confidential information, proprietary know-how, trade secrets, or other intellectual property of any other person or party; and
  4. ShatterBox has no obligation to keep your Submission confidential, and may publish or otherwise publicly disclose your submission
  5. You realize that your Submission may exist, in whole or in part, within the public domain; that employees of ShatterBox may be in the process of developing, or may have already developed the same or similar Submission; and that ShatterBox may have received a similar submission from other sources.
  6. You are solely responsible for protecting your proprietary rights, including, but not limited to, filing a patent application.
  7. You understand that ShatterBox is under no obligation to evaluate the Submission or to indicate whether or not ShatterBox is interested in pursuing the Submission.
  8. You acknowledge that no agreement for compensation is implied or expected because of ShatterBox’s receipt of your Submission.
  9. You hereby release, disclaim and waive all potential claims, remedies (either under law or equity), or causes of action of any kind against ShatterBox.
  10. Any disputes arising out of the Submission or related to these terms are governed by the laws of South Carolina without regard to its choice or conflict of laws provisions or rules.
  11. You understand and agree that there are no other agreements or understandings that apply to your Submission, that any prior agreements or understandings are superseded, and that no modifications or exceptions to these terms will apply unless agreed to in writing by both yourself and ShatterBox.